Advanced Removal Techniques – Pack smart

Moving house soon? Prepare yourself and pack smart, This can be done by packing 1 or 2 boxes per day so by the time of the move the majority will be packed and ready for our removals team to collect your belongings. The best way this can be achieved is by packing the items you don’t use on a daily basis like garden items and also items around the house such as pictures and ornaments first, prioritise the knickknacks and take the pressure of moving day.

Don’t Pack Your Clothes

Most people tend to start with old clothes that they don’t wear, ask yourself if you don’t wear them do you actually nee them? Would a trip to the clothes bank be better than packing these up? Don’t worry about the clothes that you want to keep though, the Express Removals team can take them as they are and if that means on the hanger than that’s the way they will be removed from the home. If you have packed smart you will be ready for the move, If your clothes are messy then, of course, fold them and await the removal team to put them in the truck along with the rest of your belongings. If on hangars the team will take them as they are and the bonus is that once at your new home you can hang them straight into your new wardrobe.

Prioritise Your Utilities

There are many things you can do to make the move to your new house smarter, but one of the most important things to do is call your utility provider and request a switch. It’s essential when you’re moving to a new home or a house that has been vacant for a while to get the gas and electricity connections lined up in advance so that you are not left in the dark on your first night.

Bring In The Basics Beforehand

Lastly, remember that it’s fine unpacking all of your items on the first day but it’s important that you set up or buy the basics first. These range from toiletries and kitchen items such as food and utensils, Items such a tea, kettle and tin opener are also good additions to have off the bat so that you are able to grab a cuppa after the slog of shifting boxes around.

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