Top Ten Packing Tips!

It is an acknowledged fact that moving house can be one of the most stressful periods of people’s life.  Many are the stories of disasters with mattresses falling onto motorways, dropped crockery and rain soaked electrical equipment.  And please don’t remind me of the day Fluffy went missing …

To at least take some of the strain out of moving, here are some top tips for packing up your belongings:

1.    Give yourself plenty of time.  Make sure you start packing early and have it finished before the day of the move.
2.    Book your removal company as soon as possible.  The later you leave it, the more chance you’ll find your preferred choice already taken, meaning you’ll have to go with Droppitt and Smashed.
3.    Choose a removal company that has been recommended to you, preferably one that is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR).
4.    Back up your computer files on a separate hard drive if possible so that they are saved if disaster strikes.
5.    Clearly label your boxes.  Make sure the kitchen utensils end up in the kitchen, not the bedroom.
6.    Try and work out measurements beforehand.  There is nothing worse than finding you cannot get the sofa through the front door, in the rain, in the dark.
7.    Don’t forget insurance.  If packing yourself, make sure your household insurance covers damage and breakages in transit.  Removals companies cannot provide this cover unless they are responsible for the packing.
8.    If possible, try and get access to your new home before you move in to clean it.  You certainly won’t have time on the day of the move.
9.    Don’t take your rubbish with you!  Make sure you declutter before you move.
10.    Pack your valuables separately and take them in the car with you, rather than trusting them to the van.  You’ll feel more secure knowing that your jewellery, passports and the like are with you.

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