Packing Smaller Items

Hands up, who actually enjoys packing? Packing for holiday, packing a picnic, packing for a house move…all seem rather a chore, don’t they?

Express Removals always recommend that you start the job of packing for a move a few days before the day of removal. And will most house moves, there is always the chance that you might face a couple of issues with packing the big and small items.

So we have pulled together a hints and tips blog for you on the best way of packing smaller items.

Choosing the right packing materials for small items

There is a difference between what you use to pack for larger items and what you use for smaller items. For example – and really obvious – a large box for your medicines isn’t going to be as practical.

Using small boxes for the smaller things

Naturally, you’ll pack the smaller items in smaller boxes, but make sure that the packing material is sturdy enough for the contents.

While some may have a large volume of stackable plastic boxes with lids already in the loft, those who don’t choose the good old cardboard box, as they are easy to obtain, sometimes free (check your local supermarkets), and can easily be recycled or passed on when you are done with them.

We advise that you use corrugated boxes that are thick, robust, and can offer good protection for fragile items.

Using bubble wrap for the fragile items

We recommend that you not only wrap the smaller items in bubble wrap but that you also line the inside of the box with it to protect what is inside from impact and collisions against each other during the move. Bubble wrap again is easy to source online or from any local hardware store.

The good news is that bubble wrap is also recyclable. Bigger supermarket branches often have a recycling drop-off point for bubble wrap, along with plastic bags and plastic film.

Wrapping in paper

Paper is always a good material to use in packing as it offers extra protection against impacts. Did you know, not only the good old, trusted newspaper can be used, but baking/greaseproof is also a winner? This is due to it offering extra protection against moisture – a good solution for when you pack up kitchen cupboard items such as sauces and oils, or toiletries from the bathroom.

Packing small tools

A lot of our customers not only have a toolbox but also tend to keep a set of screwdrivers and scissors in a draw for easy access (is this you?! We certainly do!) It’s a good idea to pack these with larger items as they will help you to better organise the items when you unpack them in your new location. Pack these in a small bag or box and attach to the larger item, or place them inside – depending on what the item of furniture is.

Professional Removal Service

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