Are You Considering A Move To Cheltenham In 2023?

We don’t blame you, it’s a lovely part of Gloucestershire with so much going on all the time. It’s a very cultural and inclusive Spa town with the added bonus of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside on your doorstep!

If you’re not overly familiar with the area, don’t worry! As a specialist removal company that manages many moves in and around Cheltenham, we can give you some sound advice.

Employment in Cheltenham 

You will find many employment opportunities in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, varying from skilled to manual. There are also good transport links from Cheltenham to Bristol and Cardiff should you need to commute.

What can you afford?

Once the job is secured, it would be an idea to check that what you will be earning will cover the cost of living in Cheltenham. Like with most towns and cities, there will be areas that will be more expensive to live in than others, so check out local estate agents to get an idea of property prices/monthly rental costs. You also want to be sure that you have enough money left over for socialising and local family outings, so also take this into consideration.

Decide where you’re going to live in Cheltenham

Cheltenham is a big town. Consider if you need to be close to local transport links, schools, or your place of work. Think about which areas would be more beneficial to you and your family.

Renting?? Sharing a property Vs Having your own space

Because there is a university in Cheltenham, it’s not uncommon for people in their 20s to rent with others as they transition from student to young professional. So, if you are looking to rent, living with other people can be a great way to cut living costs in half and is probably the best option if you’re just starting out and don’t have a very high income. Remember, if you’re renting, there are several things you will need to have ready before you can move: references, deposit, proof of income etc.

Getting around Cheltenham

Parts of Cheltenham have one-way systems, so it’s good to be familiar with those areas so you don’t get caught out!

The town centre is almost fully pedestrianised and there are plenty of accessible public transport systems to get from the town centre to the outskirts. If you drive into the town centre, there are plenty of public parking places.

Finding the right school

If you’re moving to Cheltenham with your family, we would recommend prioritising finding the right school for your children. One consideration regarding schools is which catchment area they are in. However, if you choose to enrol your children into a private school – of which there are a number of, in and around Gloucestershire – catchment areas do not apply.

What’s on in Cheltenham?

Cheltenham has so much to offer. The town hosts annual Jazz, Science and Literature festivals, which bring a huge number of well-known names to the town and brings a real buzz.

And let’s not forget the Racecourse! The town comes alive every time there is a race meeting, with March being the biggest event of the year for Cheltenham and it is great to be a part of it.

There is plenty for families in Cheltenham, with incredible parks, play areas, indoor soft play, golf, cinema, and places to eat. The list goes on, there truly is so much to offer for young professionals and families.

Considering A Move To Cheltenham

Wherever in the UK you are, if you are considering a move to Cheltenham, Express Removals is the only removal company you will need. We don’t just move your items, we help you dismantle them, pack them, store and unpack them. Take the stress out of moving. Let us be on hand to help you with your move, with minimum hassle and maximum convenience.

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And what happens if you can’t move into your new house on the same day you move out of your old one? Don’t panic! We have the option for you to store your possessions at our secure storage facility for as long as needed, keeping your ‘world’ dry and safe, ready for when you get the keys for your new home, and we will be ready to move them in for you.

We pride ourselves on professional, high-quality service and customer approval, which is reflected in our prices. Our packing and removal services are competitively priced, we regularly check the rates offered in the Cheltenham area to ensure that you get the best price for the right service.

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