Mistakes Of Trying To Move Yourself

It goes without saying that moving house is nobody’s idea of fun. It requires time, energy, money, and a fair amount of stress, who wants that?!
Many do believe that moving costs can be expensive and therefore are tempted to find ways of cutting costs by doing the move themselves – we get it, we are in a period of time where money is valued more than ever before. However, a DIY move may not be the wisest cost-saving choice and could in fact result in costing more. And here’s why…

The procrastination
‘Leave it, it’ll only take a couple of hours to pack up, it’s just chucking everything into boxes, right?’

You need to start planning at least 2-4 weeks in advance to avoid messy packing, packing unwanted goods (additional cost), and then messy, unorganised unpacking in your new home.
Express Removals tip: As professional packers and movers, we can help you with packing, providing all the materials for packing, transportation, loading, and unloading.

How easy would it be to just pack it all up and sort them out at the new place? Stop! Why move extra things you don’t need to, pay extra money for packing materials, an extra trip in the removal van, and the additional manpower required for the unnecessary task?
Express Removals tip: If you are not sure about what to take and what to get rid of, make a list of things you know you haven’t used for a year or that you know you won’t be using in the new home.

Not enough packing supplies and not the right packing supplies
Packing up delicate items with the wrong materials could result in damage. Different pieces need to be packed in a certain way to ensure safe transportation. Do not be tempted to overpack to save on boxes and space in the removal vehicle. Boxes can collapse under excess weight pressure and can also be much harder to lift and move.
Express Removals tip: As experienced professional packers and movers, we are the best option to shift your household items with quality packaging and safety measures to ensure delicate items endure no scratches or breakage.

Not labeling the boxes
Would this be because you recognise which boxes need to go into which rooms? In the rush and hubbub of a move and with other friends and family roped into help, every box needs to have a label so that everyone knows exactly where they all need to go. Moving boxes again after you’ve moved? No thanks!
Express Removal tip: We really don’t need to say this, but for consistency in the blog (!) – LABEL EVERY BOX!

Not getting the fridge prepped for the move
It would be tempting to move the fridge and its contents in one go, but it can create risks to the contents and other items that the fridge is being transported with.

Express Removals tip:
Clean out the fridge, removing all the shelves.
Unplug to defrost the freezer section for at least 24 hours.
If you have a compartment that dispenses water, fully empty it and leave it open to avoid any odour.
Remove all the racks and pack them separately to avoid damage.

Booking a small van
Multiple trips on the move? More fuel cost, extra energy, and time? This is a common fail during a DIY move.
Express Removals tip: Using professional moving services (hello!) will make your move much less stressful as they are experts in knowing what right-sized vehicle needs to be used to make your move as streamlined as possible.
Lifting the heavy stuff yourself

You may be made of strong stuff, but a DIY move can create a risk of damage to your goods and more importantly, to yourself.

Express Removals tip: Use us, it’s simple! We have moving equipment ready such as carts, If you are having heavy items to shift, you need to get equipped with moving equipment like sack trucks and carpet glides, etc. Avoid the risk of compromising your health and safety by using experts.

By using reliable, professional packers and movers such as Express Removals, your move will undoubtedly be less stressful. To reduce the costs of the move, there are some tasks that you can perform by yourself and hire professionals for the jobs that you find too risky and stressful for you. This way you can get affordable pricing for a quicker and safer move plus reduce unnecessary risks by doing it yourself.

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