Five Essentials When Moving!

No matter how many times you move, there are always some things that you forget to do.

Here is a list of the five most likely things to forget:

1. Label your boxes! It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how often people forget to do it. It can make your life much easier and also helps the removal company. Using a thick marker pen to indicate which room a box should be delivered to can save time loading and unloading, as well as unpacking. Don’t forget to add ‘Fragile’ to the relevant boxes.

2. Pack with the right stuff! Don’t just chuck your things in bin bags and hope for the best. Your removal company can supply the proper packing material and boxes that you need.

3. An essentials box is essential! Don’t just think this means the kettle, coffee, tea and mugs. Think about the time of year you are moving. You might want to include soup and hot chocolate in winter or a cooler of cold drinks if it is the height of summer. If children are coming on the move they will want suitable things to be entertained by such as toys or handheld games consoles.

4. I don’t like Fridays! People often give little thought to which day of the week they move on, usually plumping for a Friday to take advantage of the weekend. Because it is so popular, you may have trouble finding a removal company able to accommodate you or one that will but only for a premium price. Also bear in mind that if anything goes wrong and there are delays, you may have difficulty contacting people such as solicitors at the weekend.

5. Check everything is cleared! Obvious though it sounds, sometimes things do get left behind. Make sure you check the cupboard under the stairs, the attic and the shed. Even better, leave yourself enough time to take a walk through and open all the cupboards and drawers, just to be absolutely certain.

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