Top Tips For Moving In The Autumn

Yes yes, we all know how stressful moving can be, no matter how organised you are, it’s always going to have its challenges. There are many things that you can do to make move day a little bit less stressful, and we are here for that.

Our blogs always try to shine a light on the areas of moving that you may not have considered before, so it’s worth taking a look through our archives to see what other little gems you can find.

Now we’re headed into the Autumn months, we thought this blog should focus on just that – moving and settling into your new home in Autumn and the tips for this time of year that may not have been so relevant in Spring and Summer.

1. Heat and light

Prior to moving, pay a visit to your new home to ensure that all the utilities have been set up correctly and are in working order. Maybe ask the previous owners to pop the heating on once they have moved out so that you arrive at a nice warm house (provided you move on the same day!)

2. Check the gutters

Drains can suffer quite badly through the Autumn and Winter months, mainly due to the leaves falling off the trees. There’s potential for blocked gutters, backed up water and frozen pipes when it gets even colder.

Once you’re settled in, find a local gutter cleaner (many window cleaners offer this service) to clear out any debris and to also see if they can fit a guard over your drain to prevent any future blockages.

3. Check your boiler and central heating

One of the most important tips in our eyes – ensure that the boiler and central heating in your new home have been serviced and checked by a Gas Safe registered company. Not only because it’ll mean you can have a warm home and a hot bath, but also to make sure that it’s safe from any carbon monoxide leaks. (May we also recommend that you have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your new home if you don’t already have one).

4. Salt the garden path and driveway

It’s your new home. If you’re moving in Autumn, then it’s likely you viewed and purchased the property in the warmer months. You may not be aware of what the conditions of the driveway or garden path might be like in the rain. It could be slippery and dangerous (let’s hope not). But err on the side of caution, provide grip to these areas by popping some grit down so that moving day doesn’t end up with a trip to A&E.

5. Insulation

In this day and age, many homes already have insulation. It is worth checking the quality of it, to see it needs additional or refreshed insulation installed so that as much heat can be retained on the inside over the winter months.

Check seals around windows and doors, the roof, walls and floors, these are the keys areas where heat can escape.

6. Curtains – not just for privacy

Okay, we’re sure you’ll be putting curtains up at some point very soon after you’ve moved in. If you’re looking to buy new window coverings for your new home, then consider thick, heavy curtains. They do an amazing job at locking in heat and blocking draughts from entering the room. Older houses will definitely benefit from these, but you’ll only need to put them up in the rooms you spend more time in, such as the lounge or bedroom.

7. Windows

We’ve mentioned curtains, now here’s another big culprit of heat loss! Double and triple glazing can half or more the amount of heat that escapes. Your new home may already have these installed (as most do now), but how old are they? Could it be worth looking to see if any need to be upgraded?

8. Check your car over

Why?! Ah – worst-case scenario – break down during move day. Ensure all your fluids are topped up, the tyres have the correct legal tread and air, and also have an emergency kit in the boot (torch, blanket, snacks, water, portable mobile charger etc)

9. Severe weather conditions on move day

We will move you come rain or shine, however, if severe weather warnings are issued, we will take these into consideration and will follow the advice given by the Met Office and your estate agents if the move is allowed to be postponed.

We hope your Autumnal move is as pleasant and stress-free as possible and that our tips and advice have helped to leave you settled in your warm, cosy new home for the Winter months ahead!

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