We’re feeling a bit gushy at Express Removals at this time of year. I’m sure if you’ve ever met any of our removal team, you’ll see we’re all softies!

And with that, here’s the most romantic blog you’ll see from us…

Moving house is a stressful, tiring and very busy time of life but don’t let it take over the most romantic day of the year. We’ve got a few tips that you may be able to make use of before, during or after your move

Massage? Yes, please!

Unless you’re a professional, do not attempt this yourself! A house move can be the cause for many sore backs, necks and shoulders from moving boxes or furniture.

There are many local businesses that can come to your house to provide a full body massage and pure relaxation. Save some alone time to work on those sore muscles and just relax for a bit. Why not call ahead and try to get someone – or two people – to enjoy a joint massage in your new home as a Valentine’s gift? We think this is genius! (now wondering if we could offer this as a sideline……)

Romantic notes in the moving boxes

For the boxes you know the other half will be unpacking, place a few sweet love notes and maybe a little gift inside as a thoughtful, romantic surprise. A tedious job can be turned into something wonderful and a sweet memory for the first day in your new home. Maybe the gift could be connected to the new home, a picture of the tree you have bought to be planted in your new garden, a canvas print, chocolates, the voucher for that massage (see above!)

Bath time

What better way to take a break from the move than in the new tub? Run a bath for the other half and include some candles, bubbles, relaxing music and a bottle of bubbly (fingers crossed you’ll have one as a New Home gift!). The best way to end a tiring day ties in nicely with Valentine’s Day – two birds, one stone!!

Light the fire

Does your new home come with a fireplace? Light it up and have a nice evening in, just the two of you (if that’s possible – send the kids to bed early with bribes of iPads). A nice fire is the perfect setting for a romantic evening. If you don’t have a fire you can use, then bring out the candles

Make a mixtape

Okay, no one owns cassette recorders anymore NOR has the time to make a playlist – I just like the idea of it! Instead, create a playlist of tunes that you both love and you can have a little dance to while unpacking. Sneak in a few of the old romantic tunes that have some significance to you as a couple.

Explore the local area

If you have just moved to a new area, exploring the place you now call home could be a fun adventure for you both. Find a restaurant that neither of you has been to before, new areas of interest to take a stroll around and fully embrace the journey (metaphorically and physically).

If you really want to enjoy your Valentine’s Day, let a moving company handle the hard stuff – of course!

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