Top Ten Destinations for Expats!

Well, that’s the summer done with then.  Are you one of the many people in the UK who wish that the good weather could last a bit longer than it has?  Have you considered moving abroad?  Many of us have, It is estimated that over 5 million Brits now live abroad.  Last year alone some 320,000 people left Britain.  But where do they go to?  The list of the top ten destinations, based on United Nations data, may surprise some.

Australia is by far the top destination, having over 1,250,000 expats, far outweighing second placed USA with some 750,000.  Third placed is Canada with just over 650,000.  The highest raked European destination is, unsurprisingly, Spain, which has around 380,000 ex-Brits within its borders.

France finds itself way down the list in eighth place, with just 170,000 resident Brits.

The top ten in full is:

1.    Australia – 1,277,474
2.    United States of America – 758,919
3.    Canada – 674,371
4.    Spain – 381,025
5.    New Zealand – 313,850
6.    South Africa – 305,660
7.    Ireland – 253,605
8.    France – 172,806
9.    Germany – 96,938
10.    Channel Islands – 73,030

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