If it’s time to move out of your beautiful house and shift to some place else, you’re going to need to get it cleaned before the next tenants or owners move in. You want to make sure that the house looks great and shows how loved it has been and those are the reasons to use our end of tenancy cleaning service.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to find a buyer for your house, you’re going to be naturally thinking that you might be able to pull the clean off on your own and won’t need to hire someone else to do it. This might seem like an appealing choice but is also extremely impractical, especially if this is your first time moving. Not only are you going to be exhausted from packing, unpacking, loading and unloading, you’ll also not have enough time to really clean off an empty house and get it perfectly ready for the next person to come in. If you’re underestimating the amount of work and skill that it takes to do end of tenancy cleaning services, you’re going to find out soon enough.

Express Removals cleaning service makes sure you’re able to clean off your house without having to go through the hassle of doing it on your own. We make sure to rate your house as highly as you do and get everything done smoothly, effectively and seamlessly.

Express Removals has incorporated the following cleaning services into what we’re offering:

Carpet Stains

These are a mess to deal with as they’re not easy to get out and require a sufficient amount of experience and skill and of course the right equipment. You will have to not only make sure that the carpets are cleaned deep and thorough but also be careful that you don’t end up damaging the carpets. Getting a professional’s help makes this so much easier as they’re not only experienced at doing this perfectly but also have the right kind of equipment to do it and of course are insured.

Bad odours

Trust us, your house is not going to be free from smells and odours which you may have gotten used to. It’ll be nice to could get rid of them have the house smelling fresh and not give the next owner or Tennant a nasty whiff! Odours of mould, cigarette and cooking can stay in for while, and might be difficult to get rid of on your own without our expert help.

Oven Cleaning

It’s integral, and it has to be done right. While you’ll find many products on the market that make big claims, many of them use harsh chemicals to clean up your oven and are not great for the environment. Leave it to Express and all of the time and resources you would be spending on getting the right resources for Oven Cleaning, can instead be left to our professionals who have the right equipment for the job.

Make your cleaning process hassle free and hire Express Removals today. We are committed to living up to our reputation, and your expectations!

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