Picking A Professional Removal Firm!

If you are going to be moving home and have decided to employ a professional firm to do the job for you, you need to consider a number of things: cost, insurance cover of the company and their reputation.

Where to find a firm?  These days few people look in the Yellow Pages.  The first thing they turn to is Google.  You may decide to use one of the national companies.

However, a local company can be much more competitive than a national and is usually easier to contact.  They can be more flexible, too.  Don’t forget, local doesn’t have to mean local to you now – they could be a firm local to where you are moving to.

Get an accurate quotation.  Any reputable firm will send a representative to meet with you in your home and discuss your requirements.  Their estimate for the job will be based on the number of man hours they think it will take plus any extra services you require.  These could include moving large or valuable items such as a piano or snooker table.  When their written quote arrives check it thoroughly to ensure everything has been covered.

What about insurance?  You need to be sure that they are insured against any loss or damage to your property during the move.  Also check that their staff are insured against any injuries they may incur.

Check their credentials.  You need to make sure you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company.  Most professional firms will be members of BAR, the British Association of Removers.  You can also ask for testimonials which the firm should be happy to supply.

I am pleased to say that Express Removals will score highly on each of these points.  We have many years of experience moving people and their home contents and have comprehensive insurance in place.  We are proud to be members of BAR and you can view numerous testimonials on our website.

Contact Express Removals on 01452 523 676 or visit www.express-removals.co.uk.

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