I spotted the results of a recent survey of the most popular house names recently on the website for justhomesltd.  We really are a pretty unimaginative lot!

The most popular name was The Cottage, with the second most popular Rose Cottage and the ninth Ivy Cottage.

Not much thought goes in to the naming of conversion projects either with The Coach House, The Barn and The Lodge all featuring in the top seven while The Old Rectory and The Stables came in eleventh and twelfth.

Here’s the list in full:

1.    The Cottage
2.    Rose Cottage
3.    The Coach House
4.    The Bungalow
5.    The Barn
6.    Brook House
7.    The Lodge
8.    Orchard House
9.    Ivy Cottage
10.    Highfield
11.    The Old Rectory
12.    The Stables

I had a quick look at a website of unusual house names for contrast and came upon some crackers.  How about Autumn Twigs or Cat I’ the Well?  Any takers for The Bent Pokers or Cowpat Cottage?  Handcuff House sounds a bit dubious but Sherlock’s Holme made me smile.

Anyway, they are all better than Dunroamin’! 

I see that an online home seller has analysed house sales and discovered that over 50% of all transactions are completed on a Friday.

The company, sellhousefast.uk, analysed the Land Registry data for over one million homes sold in Britain in 2016 and found that 40% of recorded property ownership transfers took place on a Friday.  Adding in analysis of this year’s transactions up to the end of August, that figure rises to over 50%.

The second most popular day is Thursday which notched around 20% of transactions.  The next most popular day was Wednesday followed by Monday with Tuesday the least popular weekday, accounting for some 11% of transactions.

Despite some gloomy predictions I was pleased to note some positive news about the property market.

The Nationwide Building Society reported that the annual rate of house price inflation rose to 3.1% at the end of June, up from 2.1% from the end of May. The average price of a home in the UK is currently reported to be £211,301.

This strong rebound in prices comes at a time when the market is subdued with regard to house prices and mortgage approvals. Nevertheless these are positive signs.

Nationwide’s chief economist, Robert Gardener, was reported as saying that “in effect, after two sluggish months, annual price growth has returned to the 3-6% range that has been prevailing since early 2015.”

I read with interest a recent government announcement that self-driving trucks will be running on major UK roads by the end of next year.

These trials will form part of an £8.1 million scheme to test the feasibility of what is known as ‘truck platooning’.  The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) will oversee the scheme which will see as many as three autonomous HGVs running in close formation.

Each vehicle will have a human driver on board able to take control in case of any emergency.

The government believe that truck platooning will be for the benefit of both businesses and road users.  Having the vehicles running in close formation means the lead truck pushes the air out of the way for those following, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.   It is also claimed that traffic congestion will be reduced.

I came across an article from The Guardian the other day highlighting one of the more mundane aspects of ruling Britain – moving into and out of 10 Downing Street.

When David Cameron moved out last year he used the services of budget company Simply Move.  One of the removal men left a clipboard unguarded showing the order for 330 boxes, 30 rolls of tape and 3 rolls of bubble wrap.

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    Please pass on our thanks to the team that moved us yesterday. They did a wonderful job and helped a stressful day pass off more easily than it could have been. They were all polite, professional and a delight to have doing the job. If you ever wish to use us as a recommendation, we would be happy to do so. Best Wishes.

    Andrew & Pam
    January 2018

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    Just wanted to thank you guys one more time for the time and effort you put in last week. The logistics meant it was not an easy job. I could tell you were flagging a bit towards the end, that's why I stepped in and helped out! Hope you got home safe and sound - I heard on the news that the M6 was flooded near Lancaster. Also I hope you got to see Peterhead bay before you left.

    David H
    December 2017

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    Just a brief note to say thanks for our removal on November 30th. Everything went really well. The 3 guys were excellent, very polite and helpful. Please pass on our thanks to them. Hope the soft toys were ok for your charity, Kind regards.

    Tony M
    December 2017

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    We had your guys move us to Minchinhampton yesterday and are bowled over by the service. Some of them also packed the day before. They were such hard working, ultra polite, helpful, friendly and very professional and proficient. They made a big day manageable. We can’t thank them enough.

    Rachel B
    November 2017

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    Very impressed! The boys are an absolute credit to the profession. No fuss, no frills - just sheer hard graft, good humour, care, consideration, attention to detail and a fantastic customer focus. Great stuff, lads. No hesitation in recommending this company. I'd certainly use them again.

    Douglas W
    July 2017

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