Moving Mythconceptions!

Over the years I have come across a number of myths and misconceptions that people have about moving house.  Here are some of the most common:

•    You cannot speak to a removal company before you have a firm date for your move.  While this is ideal, there is no harm in getting quotes from removal companiesbefore you have a moving date agreed.  Ensure that you pick reputable companies that are registered with the British Association of Removers (BAR).

•    You have to move on a Friday.  Some people may think it gives them the weekend to unpack and get things straight in the new property, but there are hidden problems as well.  The major one is that banks are closed over the weekend so if there are any problems on the final day, completion may have to be delayed until Monday.  Also you should be aware that Fridays, the end of the month and school holidays are always the busiest times for removal companies and they may have difficulty fitting you in.

•    It is cheaper to move yourself.  In theory this might be true but you need to consider the practicalities.  Will the van you hire be big enough?  If not, you face the problem of making more than one trip.  Does your driving licence cover you to drive a van?  Can you physically manage the move yourself or will you need to rope in a few friends to help out?  It is not as straightforward as you might think.

•    You can leave packing ‘the essentials’ until the move day.  You’d be surprised how much some people consider essential!  Leaving it to the last minute can lead to unfortunate delays.  You can get away with just a suitcase for your clothes, a bin bag or two for bedding and a box for your kettle, mugs and snacks.  Pack everything else in advance.

For a stress free move, contact a removal company such as ourselves.

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