Last Minute Moving

Last minute moving is definitely not an ideal situation. In fact, on average most people need more than 8 weeks or so to be fully prepped with their packing, clearing, cleaning and move to their new abode. However, if you happen to get stuck in a situation where you have to move on an immediate basis, there are several guidelines you can follow to help make the process quick and simple. In this article, we break down the 5 most important steps you’ll have to take to move house quickly and in an efficient manner.

Start Packing Immediately

Before you start calling up friends, family and removal companies to move your stuff or get your new house ready for moving in – you’re going to have to pack up your current house. This seems obvious but so often it’s not made the priority. Remember, there’s stuff in every nook and corner of the house, and you must get moving immediately if you are going to pack it all up as soon as possible and make your house move more efficient.

Get Rid of Stuff

The thing with last minute moves is that you’ll often end up being very indecisive about what you want to get rid of and what you don’t. There is an emotional attachment that you might have developed with many of the things lying around the house. However, when it’s time to be quick, it’s also time to be rational – and all of the things you are attached to aren’t necessary to move into a new house. Hence, make quick and rational decisions about what stuff to get rid of and act on them immediately, clear the clutter and save on moving costs. If you’re willing to give the stuff away, there are many charity organisations that will come and pick it from your location.

Calling for Help

You might think you and your family are self-sufficient enough to be able to pack the whole house and move on your own, but in times of urgency, there’s nothing wrong with seeking some help that’ll make the process ten times easier. Call on us and we will supply the packing materials, pack your precious goods in a professional and efficient way so that unpacking in your new house also becomes easier and simpler. While professional packers such as the team here at Express will obviously cost you money, they’re also a safe and effective way of moving houses without leaving something important behind or breaking your prize vase during transportation.

Get Sufficient Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are going to play a critical role in how easy the moving process goes and if you choose not to use our packing service and do the hard work yourself you must make sure to invest in packaging materials intelligently. You can get packing supplies and boxes from your local office supply shop, but crisp boxes tend to be flimsy and inefficient to pack, get proper packaging to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Research Before You Hire

Being in a hurry doesn’t mean being cursory and not doing sufficient research. Before you hire a packing service or a transportation service – do your research to see which companies provide are recommended and established, grabbing the cheapest white van man isn’t necessarily the best route. Look for companies that are rated on social media, are long established and have a great reputation and be sure to check for insurance.

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