Five Reasons To Shred Securely!

Identity and data theft are on the increase – fact. If you have personal confidential information or sensitive corporate data then you do not want it falling into the wrong hands. Imagine if a competitor obtained details of your proposed business restructure or your employee’s medical records were made public? Guaranteed disaster.

One sure way of preventing this is to have any such documents securely shredded and here are five sound reasons for doing so:

• To prevent data theft. It is estimated that a quarter of the UK’s population have been affected by identity or data theft at a cost of some £3.3 billion. Secure shredding will minimise that risk.

• To minimise security breaches. Do we really live in a paperless society? Hardly. Far too many staff regularly print out confidential emails, meeting agendas or action plans, for example, and then drop them in the recycling bin. Implementing secure shredding removes that possible breach.

• To enhance privacy protection. 40% of all data breaches are believed to be the result of simple human error. By introducing a secure shredding policy in the workplace these errors can be overcome.

• To establish legal compliance. The Data Protection Acts of 1998 and 2000 impose wide ranging responsibilities on companies relating to the storage and destruction of data and personal records. These include employee and client details, payroll records and financial records. £6 million in penalties have been imposed on UK companies found to be in breach of these regulations. Secure shredding helps you comply with these regulations.

• To reduce impact on the environment. 24 trees make a ton of paper. 12.5 million tons of paper and cardboard is used in the UK every year. That’s a lot of trees. Recycling paper reduces the number of trees needed to be cut down and also reduces air pollution. So secure shredding makes good environmental sense, too.

If you are located in Gloucestershire, Express Removals can provide the answer to your secure shredding requirements, both commercial and domestic. We provide the sacks for you to fill, then collect at no charge at a pre-arranged time by CRB checked drivers. The documents are then shredded, safely and securely, before being recycled, all with a guaranteed level grade 3 certificate of destruction for the materials. The cost is just £4.50 per sack.

Contact Express Removals today on 01452 523 676 to discuss your requirements or visit for more information.

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