What’s In A (House) Name?

I spotted the results of a recent survey of the most popular house names recently on the website for justhomesltd.  We really are a pretty unimaginative lot!

The most popular name was The Cottage, with the second most popular Rose Cottage and the ninth Ivy Cottage.

Not much thought goes in to the naming of conversion projects either with The Coach House, The Barn and The Lodge all featuring in the top seven while The Old Rectory and The Stables came in eleventh and twelfth.

Here’s the list in full:

1.    The Cottage
2.    Rose Cottage
3.    The Coach House
4.    The Bungalow
5.    The Barn
6.    Brook House
7.    The Lodge
8.    Orchard House
9.    Ivy Cottage
10.    Highfield
11.    The Old Rectory
12.    The Stables

I had a quick look at a website of unusual house names for contrast and came upon some crackers.  How about Autumn Twigs or Cat I’ the Well?  Any takers for The Bent Pokers or Cowpat Cottage?  Handcuff House sounds a bit dubious but Sherlock’s Holme made me smile.

Anyway, they are all better than Dunroamin’!

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