What To Leave Behind For The New Owners

How nice would it be, if when you moved into your new home, the previous owners left a little welcome gift for you?

We think that manners go a long way, and to leave a little token for the people who will now create lots of memories in the place you once called home is a simple but wonderful gesture.

But what else do we recommend leaving behind for the new owners? Here’s our list of suggestions…


Some appliances such as fridges, microwaves, ovens, and of course, boilers, may not move with you. Leave behind the manuals to make it easier for the new owners to operate and maintain the appliances, order replacement parts, and schedule service calls etc.

Leftover paint

Is it likely you’ll need to take half a tin of paint from when you decorated your old living room for your new home? Leave them behind (and declutter at the same time). The new owners will appreciate having the correct paint colours on hand to touch up the scratches and scuffs that can come with moving and inevitably well, living in the house! Put the tins somewhere without major temperature fluctuations and where the new owners can easily find them (or just leave a note letting them know where they are).


Will your old curtains REALLY fit your new house? Probably not! Allow the new owners to sleep their first night in their new home in darkness, they will be very grateful for it (as will you when the previous owners of your new home leave their curtains for you!)


Buyers expect attached objects, including light fixtures, to remain in the house. If you decide to take a light fixture when moving, notify your estate agent before signing the contracts, and replace the fixture with another one (you can pick up cheap replacements from many different stores these days). Also, leave behind some light bulbs so the new owners won’t be stuck in the dark. (Plus, bulbs are difficult to transport without breaking.)

Outdoor plants

Of course, anything in pots can be moved with you (be careful though as some don’t travel so well, make sure you do your research in this area). Trees, shrubs, and other landscaping features should be left behind. The new homeowner will expect all outdoor plants to stay on the property; well-established greenery likely wouldn’t make the move anyway, so try taking some cuttings to propagate at your new place.


Any new appliances or fixtures that you will be leaving behind should come with a warranty. And if they do, make sure you leave them for the new owners along with receipts for the items. Probably in the same place as the manuals!

Alarm systems

Portable wireless alarm systems, such as Wi-Fi-enabled cameras that sync with your smartphone, can be relocated during a move. But hardwired alarms that connect to your home’s electrical system should stay in place. If a security company monitors your alarm system, let both the company and the new owners know about the move. That way, you can discontinue the service, and the new owners can switch it to their name.

Other useful and more obvious things to leave behind are –

  • Where the mains for the water, gas and electricity are
  • Where the meters are for gas, electricity and water (if there is one)
  • Where the stopcock is
  • How to use the central heating
  • Waste collection dates
  • Where the keys are for any internal doors and windows
  • And a takeaway menu (for the first night!)

Also, imagine moving into a lovely clean, dusted, hoovered, mopped and scrubbed home after a busy moving day… same goes for the people moving into yours. It’s not a legal part of the move, but it is part of moving etiquette!

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