The Benefits of Downsizing

Who said downsizing only happened once your older and the kids have flown the nest? It’s common to think that people do only move once they feel the house they are in is too big for them and the space they have is unnecessary.

Don’t you think it’s time we started looking at downsizing as a possible and positive move for other reasons and that it can be done at all stages of life?? There can be many benefits from living in a smaller home; no excuse to hang on to so much tat that you really don’t need, cheaper running costs and less cleaning (who wouldn’t want that?!)

Let’s have a look at some of the greater reasons to downsizing


Downsizing can have a hugely positive effect on your bank balance. Not only will your mortgage costs be reduced, the term left may also come down. From ten down to five years left of paying off the biggest purchase of your life worth the move?! For some, downsizing may even mean the end of mortgage payments altogether – now isn’t that an attractive thought?!

A smaller home also costs less to keep warm. You can expect your utility bills to reduce with a downsize. In addition to that, with less rooms to light up, your carbon footprint should come down. In these times, any way that we can look to reducing our personal impact on the climate is a big thumbs up. Other cost reductions can come in the shape of –

Window cleaner – less windows to clean!

Lower maintenance/repair costs (e.g. window repairs, pointing, plumbing etc)

Less rooms to decorate/furnish/clean

All these savings can contribute to savings for a dream holiday, retirement, or just a generally more comfortable way of living. Certainly one very large reason to consider a downsize.

No more hoarding!

Who needs seven saucepans, twenty pair of flipflops and bank statements from 2002 anyway? This is the excuse you have needed for so long to let go of all of the things you no longer need. A declutter is great for the mind, and can pave the way for a cleaner, less materialistic way of living. You may find that once downsized, you no longer have the urge to fill your home with knick-knacks or hang onto so much stuff that you have never really needed.

New opportunities in a new area.

Areas that you may have discounted in the past due to the property sizes may now actually become your prime location! The small village, the quiet cul-de-sac, or even the town apartment. Not only do you have the potential to save money and declutter, you may also have the opportunity to a new way of life. New wonderful walks on your doorstep, buzzing nightlife and a social scene or a close-knit community are all real potentials when looking at new areas to move to. By downsizing, you could increase the potential of some real positive changes in your life.

If all of that has given you the urge to check the property market out and make downsizing a real possibility, our expert professional removals team can be on hand to help you with your downsize. Contact us today to see how we can downsize your stress levels during your move!

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