Professional Document Destruction

Three things you should know when shredding confidential documents.

We may be known as Express ‘Removals’, but another service that the business provides is document destruction.

Express Removals provide a personal and business secure document destruction service that is designed to meet your requirements. Not only that, but it is also environmentally friendly too. It really couldn’t be easier as we will:

  • Supply as many sacks as you require
  • Collect the sacks from you once filled at a time to suit yourself
  • Arrange for the safe shredding of the documents
  • Securely recycle the shredded paper

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It is more necessary than ever these days to protect personal information as technology evolves and data is more valuable than many possessions – paperwork can actually be one of the items burglars go for over the TV or jewellery as they can generate more money.

Destroying sensitive information is a sure-fire way to stay cautious and ensure your information stays private. Understanding these three following rule cans helps to streamline your shredding process and declutter your space while at the same time limiting any risk –


Why do we destroy paperwork?

One of the reasons we destroy paperwork is to protect ourselves from identity theft and fraud and to keep our confidential information, well, confidential.

Bank account details, National Insurance numbers and medical information if made public can be a big personal liability. Any paperwork that contains personal information such as your name, account number, address or date of birth should be physically destroyed. Thinking about what is classed as personal information that needs to be protected is an important step in reducing your risk.

Staying Committed

Yes, it’s another job for the ‘to-do’ list, but it is an important one. Set a reminder for once a day/week/month/however often you feel is necessary to you to arrange the shredding of your personal information. Staying on top of this will ensure the identity theft and fraud risk is lowered and your home/office is decluttered.

By routinely shredding, you avoid building up a large quantity of sensitive paperwork and makes the process more manageable. Depending on the volume of data you have, you may like to consider contacting us for a regular service.

Keep Only What You Need

Yes, we understand there will still be some personal information that you will need to keep and cannot destroy. Keep it locked away in a secure location and anything that may be a duplicate of this can be destroyed. Some people choose to scan their documents and keep them electronically (however there is still risk here with the online criminals, so ensure to be vigilant if you decide to go down this route).

Protecting your identity is a constant battle. Stay on top of the fight by shredding and destroying anything that has your personal information on it.

Contact Express Removals if it is time you needed to reduce your risk and have your personal documents destroyed.

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