Over 50% Of House Completions Occur On A Friday!

I see that an online home seller has analysed house sales and discovered that over 50% of all transactions are completed on a Friday.

The company, sellhousefast.uk, analysed the Land Registry data for over one million homes sold in Britain in 2016 and found that 40% of recorded propertyownership transfers took place on a Friday.  Adding in analysis of this year’s transactions up to the end of August, that figure rises to over 50%.

The second most popular day is Thursday which notched around 20% of transactions.  The next most popular day was Wednesday followed by Monday with Tuesday the least popular weekday, accounting for some 11% of transactions.

Perhaps surprisingly some transactions are completed at weekends too, although the numbers were small; 852 homes changed hands on a Sunday and 877 did so on a Saturday.

So what does this mean for you?  Simply put, if you are looking to move on a Friday you are not the only one!  You may find it difficult to find a removal firm able to fit you in, especially if it is the last Friday of the month or during the school holidays.

Also bear in mind that, if there are delays on the Friday, most banks and building societies are shut on a Sunday and many are on a Saturday too.

All in all you might want think about moving on a less popular day than a Friday.

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