Worries about the security of personal and confidential data have never been higher.  Whilst most concerns are about online data, it should not be forgotten that we deal with a wealth of hard copy information on a daily basis.

Businesses have been concerned with data protection in the form of secure shredding for many years but it is also available for personal use.

You may have read the tragic story recently of a young couple who had their entire house contents, including everything in their fridge, stolen by a bogus removal man.

Well, that’s the summer done with then.  Are you one of the many people in the UK who wish that the good weather could last a bit longer than it has?  Have you considered moving abroad?  Many of us have.

Thanks to the government’s Buy to Let scheme, there are now more private landlords than ever before.  Whether you are one of these landlords or an Estate Agency specialising in rented properties, there is one awkward problem that is increasingly common – once a tenancy ends, what sort of state has the property been left in?

Express Removals are pleased to celebrate 36 years of successfully moving families and businesses in the Gloucester area.  However, they do not just do traditional moves.