Moving Your Pets – Don’t Let Pets Get Stressed By Your House Move

When you chose to move house we are sure that your pets came were considered too as its going to be their new home as well. The best thing you can do is once you have bought the property is take your pet to its new house and let it look around and let your cherished animals get a feel for the place, get the scent etc.

Get Them Chipped Before You Move House

Some animals like cats and dogs have often been known to travel back to there original home if local enough for them to recognise their surroundings and get the scent, also some don’t come back so why risk losing your pet. Getting your family pet chipped with the new address details and updating the tag on their collar is important if they do go wandering. 

Pets Can Get Travel Sickness Too!

Animals can also get travel sick on small or big trips so make sure to keep reassuring them and keep them well secured either in a carrier or even on your lap if necessary, keeping them calm will help minimise the impact of the journey. If you are aware that your cat or dog does suffer from travel sickness then take a trip to the local vet may be needed to get specific medication.

Move Your Pet After You Move House

If you have large or nosey pets then the best thing to do is to move them in after you have successfully unpacked everything, this means you will not be distracted or worry about the pets knocking anything over, climbing in boxes, tripping over our team as they bring in your antique dresser unit or of course escaping and running off.

Keep Pets In A Quiet Place

Pets can pick up on your emotions so try to stay calm, you can offer reassurance by talking to them and providing familiar toys for them to play with. This means your pets can come into their new house in a comfy and friendly environment instead of seeing it a mess and maybe getting stressed. If the animal is showing signs of stress, start playing with them a little bit by showing them familiar toys and perhaps the odd treat.

After You Have Moved House

Once you’ve moved in you can then introduce them to there new bed and their garden for them to play in. Another thing is to not change the way you were with the pet, if you regularly played then the dog or cat then you keep that up so the pet is feeling loved and can settle into the new environment and be happy. Most animals like to mark their new territory so if you can see them doing this just leave them to it as this means they have accepted the new living space and will no longer stress.

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