Moving Your Furry Friends!

I know well enough that moving home is stressful for humans, but don’t forget it can also be traumatic for pets.

Cats are well known as territorial animals and will be strongly attached to your previous home while it is easy for dogs to get lost in their new surroundings.
Here are some tips for helping pets at moving time.

Before the move.  Make sure your pet wears a collar with your name and phone number on in case they get lost.  If you include the new address too it will help if it goes wandering off.  It is also a good time to get a microchip fitted if the pet does not already have one.

You might want to consider putting the pet in a cattery or kennel on the day of the move.  This will ease your own stress on the big day, but really depends on how the pet is with staying away from you.

The day of the move.  If possible, keep your pet with you.  Putting it in the removal van will simply add to its distress.

When you reach your new home keep the pet in a single room with the door and windows shut.  This will help a cat adjust to its new territory and give a dog a feeling of security.  Food, water and favourite toys and bedding can also help.   Make sure the removal men know which room it is and advise them not to enter.

After the move.  For the first few days make sure a dog is walked on a lead until it becomes accustomed to the new surroundings.

Cats should be kept indoors for the first week before being let out to explore.

With cats or dogs it is important to get back to your usual routine of feeding times and walks as soon as possible.

Whether you have pets or not you can rely on Express Removals to make the move to your new home as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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