Moving With Pets

If moving is stressful for humans, then imagine how it must be for pets.

For starters, they won’t understand that you’re leaving the home they know and love to move to a place they have never seen before, and all its new spaces and smells.

These challenges won’t go away, but we do have some tips that could help to make the experience a bit less traumatic for your beloved companion(s).

Make an overnight bag for them

As well as your bag of essentials, make sure your pet has their favourite toy/bed/blanket and food handy. Having something familiar and comforting for them can help to keep them a little calmer.

Notify your Vet

If you are moving out of the area, ensure to notify your vet and register with a new one. Also, make sure that all records of your pet(s) are transferred over so that previous conditions and details of any medication are ready for the new vet.

Keep pets away from the hustle and bustle of the move

Keeping them in the quietest area of the house during the move; in the old house and when you arrive at the new one, is a sure-fire way of helping to keep stress levels low for your pets. Try and clear one room first for them to be able to stay quiet and relaxed. Ensure they have plenty of food as water and are checked on regularly.

Don’t let your pet out until you’ve arrived

If moving to a new area, be sure that you are careful when transporting your pet from the car to the house. They should be in a kennel/cage or on a lead because if they can escape, they will be running off into an area they do not know and could become lost. For cats, it’s best to keep them indoors for some time until they are fully acquainted with every room of the house (that they are allowed in).

Update their info ASAP

Tags and microchips need to be updated to the new address as quickly as possible after you have moved

And some more pet-specific advice for those with pets that are not cats or dogs….

Moving with fish

Fish respond incredibly strongly to stress, with the trauma potentially resulting in death. Try and transport them short distances in their tank water. If you are moving a fair distance, then it’s probably advisable that you find a new home for your fish and get a new one once settled into your new home.

Moving with guinea pigs

Move guinea pigs in a warm, comfortable, small carrier. They do not respond well to being jostled about, so great care is needed during their move.

Moving with birds

Birds, like most pets, don’t cope very well with change. They may not like it but keep them safe in their cage all day and only let them out once you are firmly moved into your new property and all windows and doors are closed!

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