Moving Statistics 2019

As a removal company, we meet so many different people, see different properties and pack up many different personal items. 2019 was a slow-moving year for the industry, with many holding off their sale and purchase until Brexit was done. We now hope that for all home buyers and sellers the move out of Europe will be a positive one – don’t forget, we will be here ready to help you with your relocation!

So, what did happen in 2019 for the home buying industry?

As mentioned, it was a slow year as people held off moving while the uncertainty of Brexit continued. Although people still did move, it simply wasn’t as much as in previous years, with London, the South East and South West being most affected. Property prices were also reduced more in the South to encourage sales (with the exception of the Capital). Should we now expect a spike in moving for 2020? We certainly hope so! Now Brexit has finally happened, we could begin to see a significant change in the market.

The online estate agents had a great year last year and have maintained their share of the market once again at almost 8%. Their main market still remains to be properties up to the value of £200k. With many properties in the North of England costing less than £200k, their share of the market in this region is larger at 10%.

The popularity of online estate agents continues to grow all over the UK, and we are sure to see more of them in the near future. For now, high street agents are still the main estate agent of choice and especially for higher valued properties.

Have you seen any new housing estates going up over the last year?

Some areas have, some not. This has also had an effect on sales. A shortage of houses has enabled some sellers to attain their desired house price. However, Peterborough saw the largest drop in house prices due to the number of new builds that went up, creating a surplus of houses. In comparison, the North has seen a steady and healthy price increase. In fact, parts of Scotland have seen the average house price increase to highs of 7%!

What about the rental market?

Renters need removal companies like us for moving into rental properties too, so we simply have to give them a mention in this blog!

Buying a property costs a LOT of money. This is why so many people rent these days, they are just unfortunately priced out of the buying market. This is also why the rental market is high and continues to increase. The supply and demand of rental properties is on the up and in more demand than sale properties.

Which property types sold the most last year?

Semi-detached and terraced houses were the most sold in 2019. All other property types had a fairly insignificant dip in sales, with people aged between 45 and 65 being the main movers of the year.

Looking for something different in your next home?

Do you need an extra room for a hobby? Last year, it was recorded that over 55,000 homes for sale had a dedicated music room, 2,500 had their own yoga studio and almost 100 had their own photography studio!!

Whatever home you decide to buy or rent this year, we will be on hand to help you with your packing and moving, including the drum kit into your new music room!

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