Moving House At Christmas

You’d think people would try and put off moving over Christmas, but it’s actually quite a busy time for home movers. As if this time of year isn’t stressful enough?!

If you’re on the verge of a house move, we have some helpful tips for moving in time for you to deck your halls with boughs of holly and have the stockings hanging from the fireplace in time for Santa!

Clarity of timescales

It’s well known that timescales can often change when moving to a new house. If you are in a large chain, you may have no choice but to wait. But while you are waiting, there is nothing wrong in keeping in touch with your Estate Agent and Solicitor who can relay your move wishes to your buyer/seller. It may not help, but you may find that others in the chain are looking to do the same and may help speed up the process.

Pick a buyer who’s ready to move

If you’ve received more than one offer for your home and for the offer that you want, then congratulations! This puts you in a lucky position whereby you may be able to select the most desirable buyer, for example, one who had already sold their house and is ready to move. Your estate agent should also be able to tell you the length of their chain.

Confirm Move Dates in advance

Make sure you confirm your move-in dates as soon as possible. Removal companies tend to close over the Christmas period and won’t be back until the New Year, so get them booked in before it’s too late. Any completion dates that fall after the Christmas Eve means that you probably won’t be able to move until January.

Be ready for Christmas

Moving house AND Christmas shopping? Double disaster! Avoid the chaos and buy your gifts a few months prior to December. It may seem bonkers, but you will be thanking your future self when you’re busy getting your TV connected in time for all the Christmas films and putting the tree up. Try and get the presents wrapped up too, one extra thing not to have to think about.

Also, if you’re hosting Christmas dinner in your new abode, try doing your food shop online at least a month in advance and have it delivered to your new home. This saves the much stressful trip to the supermarket for the big shop and leaves you more time to focus on unpacking.

Change of address

Here’s a tip – if your contracts are exchanged, include your new address in your Christmas cards that you send out to family and friends – two birds one stone!

The utility providers should be contacted the week prior to your move and broadband and telephone companies should be contacted as soon as you have exchanged, as they usually take the longest to get out to you. The sooner they know, the sooner you can start recording all your favourite programmes again!


Even with the mayhem of moving, you still want your decorations up, make sure they are packed up and left last to go on the removals van, so they’re not send up to the loft and you can get them all unloaded into the lounge/area you have most of your decorations up.


For anyone who has children, it’s advised to get some childcare for the move day. It will give you time to get on with the job in hand without excited little ones running around (and to also hide the Christmas presents that you bought for them a few months ago as advised earlier!)

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