Moving A Home Office

With many people now permanently working from home, moving a home office requires a lot of careful preparation, it is key!

Using professional movers like Express Removals can support your home office relocation. Their professional experience of several office moves, home and commercial, will ensure a seamless transition of your home office, whether that be in Gloucester, Cheltenham or Tewkesbury. Although it might seem that moving a home office is much easier than moving an entire house, many aspects of it can make it tricky and challenging.

Here are some tips for a smooth home office relocation.

Prepare in advance

What do you currently have in your home office that you no longer need? Do you need to move the pile of paperwork that needs shredding? Don’t worry – we can take care of that; we also specialise in document destruction.

Decluttering now can set you up for a much nicer, fresher working environment, which in turn could help you to be more productive.

Think about the new home office design. Before you move, you might want to plan your new home office layout. Take measurements of furniture items such as your desk, chair, bookshelves, etc. to ensure that your current items will fit into the room or if it is in fact time for a whole new home office overhaul!

Also, do you have everything you need for your new home office to be up and running when you move? Broadband is probably the biggest requirement!

Take your time

Moving is stressful enough, let alone moving your entire workplace as well! Take your time, don’t rush the move and ensure that it is all done right. An extra hour or so could result in a much better working environment in the long run.

Label everything!

When boxing up, remember to label every office item, even larger items that aren’t in a box.

Hire professional movers

Since moving is a challenge and can take up a lot of time, it’s advisable to hire professionals to do the job for you. Doing everything by yourself could delay you in getting back to work when you need to.

Express Removals can professionally pack and unpack your home office furniture and your valuable IT equipment alongside the rest of your household items.

Packing your PC

Protecting your computer and other tech during a home office relocation is critical in the digital age. Computer parts can not only be costly to replace, but the software and work files as well as any personal information can be a real nightmare to retrieve if not backed up correctly. Therefore, it is important to back up before you pack your IT like a pro.

Registered address

You can change your registered office address at any time, as long as the new address remains within the same part of the UK in which your company is registered – England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Changing your registered office address is quick and easy and can be done online. There’s no fee to change your registered office address, but you’ll need your email address and your authentication code.

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