Meeting Your New Neighbours

Moving to a new area is an exciting time because it gives you the chance to become part of a new community. First impressions are everything when it comes to meeting new neighbours and how you become introduced is important in determining the quality of your relationship for the future.

It’s a good idea to make the first move as the new one in the street, as this will put your new neighbours at ease and help them feel welcome in your home.

Here are a few non-awkward ideas for how to meet your new neighbours and hopefully kickstart a new friendship.

Introduce Yourself
Start off your relationship by introducing yourself to your new neighbours, they will be just as nervous about knowing who they will be living a few metres away from, possibly even sharing a wall with. So let them know as soon as you can that you are not the neighbours from hell!

Consider Throwing a Housewarming Gathering
This is a wonderful way to get to know your new neighbours on all sides.
After you’ve settled in, stop by all of your closest neighbours’ homes and invite them to an open house. Serve refreshments, give a home tour and use the opportunity to get to know your new neighbours – and also for existing neighbours to get to know each other a little better.

Spend Time Outside
You won’t be able to meet your new neighbours if you spend all of your time in your house, so make sure that you spend time outside too.
Gardening or beautifying the outside of your home will give you the chance for you and your new neighbours to become used to seeing each other. Spending time outside provides an opportunity for your new neighbours to meet you without awkwardness or intimidation.

Ask Your Neighbours for Advice
This is a good conversation starter, so when you knock on your new neighbour’s door to introduce yourself, ask them for advice on local activities or community events that you can be involved in. Even ice breakers such as what day the bins go out or where the nearest bus stop is can encourage a conversation to evolve.

What If You Have Nothing in Common?
No problem. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just remember, while you think you might not have anything in common, you do: you live on the same street, in the same neighbourhood. That’s enough to start any conversation.

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