Making Small Moves Safely and Securely

Not every move requires one of our large vans and a team of our expert removers.

You may be moving between rented flats, downsizing to sheltered accommodation, moving to a new office or leaving home to move into student digs.
In such instances you may feel you don’t need the expense of using a removal company. Don’t forget, however, that if you are organising the move yourself you will have to consider the cost of hiring a van for a day or two, plus petrol and possibly a driver. Added to which, you will have to carry all those heavy boxes. And what about insurance if you should drop something?

Fortunately Express Removals have the answer. We will transport the packaging and containers direct to your door and then, once you have packed them, transport them to safely and securely to your destination!

Here is how it works:

• Our trailers transport two containers of 250 cubic feet each and are 7.2ft x 7ft
• Once loaded we require just one hour’s notice to collect
• We tow the trailer direct to your new home or commercial premises or alternatively to our safe and secure storage facility
• Storage of containers, if required, is just £10 per week plus VAT
• Access can be arranged to containers once in storage by pre-arranged appointment
• Trailer has side and rear doors for easy access
• Trailer measures 19ft 8 inches x 7ft 8 inches x 11ft 4 inches

Why not contact Express Removals today on 01452 523 676 to discuss your requirements or visit for more information.

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