Arriving At Your New Home

When you arrive at your new home there is a lot to do, if all of your items are in boxes all over the place it will be difficult for you to get unpacked efficiently. The best thing to is to take your time and don’t stress, put on some music and tackle one box at a time. It’s a good idea to pack things into a box that need to be unpacked the very first night, all of the essentials such as a kettle or bottle of champagne if that’s more your style! This can make you feel more comfortable and also help you relax and unwind after a busy day of moving.

Labeling can make your moving in experience a lot easier as our team can help deliver the boxes directly to the rooms in which they belong, meaning generally more space around the house, less time searching for those rouge boxes and also an easier unpacking phase.

Unpack The Most Important Items First

Next, you want to unpack the most important items first such as your kitchen items, Bathroom and bedroom items. Setting up TVs and electronics should come last unless it is essential to your work or lifestyle If you have a pet best to set up their little area and get them settled in as they can explore their new home once its fully moved into, ideally though you should move your pets in after you have completed the unpacking stage.

Once your finished unpacking the main rooms, why not put your feet up and relax in your new living space, the knickknacks can wait until tomorrow, this will give you time to pop the cork on that bottle or put the kettle on and enjoy your new home. Also, you can make sure that your pets or children are comfortable as it can take a while for them to adapt to there new environment and make it there own.

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