How To Pack Glasses For Moving

Moving day is upon you and it’s time to start packing. This can be so stressful, we know. What can make it worse is not packing correctly and finding boxes of broken crockery in your new kitchen?

Do not fear! We have the full-proof guide right here on how to pack your kitchen breakables so that they become your kitchen UN-breakables….

First of all, make sure you have the following equipment for packing –

  • Boxes – use a medium size box rather than a large box – bigger boxes will become too heavy to move.
  • Newspaper – Start saving as soon as you know when you are moving. If you don’t buy papers, then ask friends and family to start saving for you
  • Bubble wrap
  • Towels – you can use paper towels or tea towels.
  • Packing tape
  • Labels or marker pens for the boxes

Prepare your box

Line the bottom of each box with your towels or scrunched up pieces of newspaper.

Wrap up the glasses

Start with the heaviest glasses first, with the lightest sitting on top of them.

Lay your towels/newspaper on a flat surface. Place the glasses diagonally on top and then roll them up together, filling the end of the paper/towel into the glass as you roll. Then tape it up.

If you have several glasses of the same size, you can wrap them together in the same towel/paper; roll one glass halfway, then add the second and continue rolling and tucking the excess into the top of the glass. Tape both up when fully rolled up.

Stemmed glasses (wine glasses, champagne flutes etc) should be wrapped individually. Wrap the stem first then roll the top with another piece.

Packing up

Remember; largest and heaviest glasses first on top of the towels/scrunched paper. Always add the stemmed glasses in the box at the end.

Add more paper or towels on top of the glasses once the box is full, then close the box and give it a very gentle shake to ensure you can’t hear any glasses clinking (the cheers comes once you’re moved in, not before you’ve moved!) The seal up the box with your packing tape and use your labels and pens to mark it as ‘Fragile’ and the room it needs to go to at the new house.

How to pack mugs and cups

For all you tea and coffee lovers – don’t forget to keep a few aside so that you can have a cuppa as soon as you arrive at the new house. For the rest, you need to apply a similar process as packing glasses –

Fill the bottom of your box with paper or towels. Fill each mug with scrunched up paper or bubble wrap then wrap them as you would wrap a glass. Once in the box, cover the top with extra paper or bubble wrap. Seal your boxes and label fragile and the room they need to go in at the new house.

Packing crockery

Use the same materials for packing glasses.

Line your box with bubble wrap, there cannot be any gaps where the plates could touch the bottom of the box as they will be packed on their sides.

Wrap plates in acid-free tissue paper. Acid-free paper prevents any moisture from building up, which can tarnish or discolour china and crockery.

Pack the plates into the boxes on their side NOT flat and on top of each other like you would expect, with one piece of bubble wrap between each plate. Being on their side means they can handle shock much better, stopping them from becoming damaged.

Once you’ve filled your box, fill any gaps with newspaper and bubble wrap, so there is no way the plates can move around.

Close the box up with your tape and label it fragile and the room it needs to go into in your new house.

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