How To Move House At Xmas And Not Go Mad!

Nobody in their right minds would choose to move during the Xmas but I know full well that sometimes circumstances conspire and it just cannot be avoided.

Of course, all the usual advice about packing and letting people know your new address all applies but there are a few special things that need to be taken into consideration.

•    Book well in advance.  Whichever removal company you choose they will be busy at this time of year so it pays to book one as soon as you have a definite date.

•    Beware of the dark.  The evenings are darker earlier in the winter so aim to get to your new home as early as possible.  It can be a nightmare trying to navigate paths that you don’t not well in the dark.  Invest in a powerful torch just in case.

•    Snow time for jokes.  Watch those weather forecasts and be prepared for bad weather.  Everyone loves a white Xmas, but not while you are in the middle of a house move.  Check those pathways and steps for ice too.

•    Appropriate dress should be worn at all times.  If it looks like being a cold one or if rain is expected then you’ll need to wear the right clothing.  Keep a close eye on the weather forecast.

•     Make sure you tell the utility suppliers.  Imagine no lights on the Xmas tree and no turkey cooking in the oven – Xmas disaster on an unfeasible scale.  Ensure the electricity, gas and water suppliers are all aware of your move date.

•    Get Xmas dinner organised.  You don’t want to be dragging your turkey and Xmas pudding around with you.  Check out the local supermarket beforehand or, better still, order your food for a delivery direct to your new home a day or two after your move.

•    Now where did I put the kid’s pressies?  Avert another possible disaster by putting all the essentials for Xmas Day in a separate box or boxes, all clearly labelled.

Wishing you a safe move and the compliments of the season!

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