How to keep your confidential documents safe

There isn’t a single business that doesn’t need to protect confidential documentation. They could be anything from your company’s financial records to personal information held on your employees and customers or clients.

Losing sensitive information by accident or through criminal activity is a high risk, especially if you/your company holds a lot of paper-based documents that, in line with legislation, need to be kept for a long time.

Added to that is the risk of penalty fines if you breach any GDPR legislation for the failure of securing confidential data correctly and securely.

Express Removals can offer a solution – document archiving. We offer archive storage facilities allowing you to maintain the documents you need in easy-to-navigate, secure facilities.

Our archive facilities and services include:

  • All items individually logged
  • All items retrievable within 48 hours
  • Sturdy, secure storage boxes supplied for a small charge
  • Collection and delivery of boxes can be arranged if required
  • Secure destruction and shredding of documents can be arranged

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Confidential document storage and safeguarding checklist

We have pulled together a comprehensive list of preventative measures to help to keep your company information safe and by adopting better data protection procedures within your company.

Review your Data Protection policies

Is it time to review your company’s Data Protection policies? Maybe your business has been running for years and adopted some basic Data Protection Act initiatives that were effective in the early days of your company but may no longer fit with your current needs and requirements.

Update your Data Protection policies

It is very important to have effective policies in place to safeguard your sensitive company information. Ensure you and your employees have access to them, understand them and continue to follow them.

Always have access to the policies

Your policies will be no good if they are inaccessible. An online document management system would be advisable.

New employee policy adoption

When taking on new employees it is essential that you include reading and adopting your Data Protection policies as part of their induction training schedule.

GDPR changes

GDPR changes have had a major impact on the way UK businesses manage their data and were designed to consider new technologies, with the ever-increasing threats of cyber-attacks and digital data breaches from server hacks.

However, business owners must continue to remember their paper-based documentation is just as important to protect from theft and their handling and storage will still need to meet with the new legislation.

Are your paper-based documents secure?

If you have any of the following types of documents in paper format you will need to comply with GDPR rules and regulations regarding their management and secure storage:

  • Client information
  • Human Resources files
  • Medical files
  • Personal files
  • Financial details

Can you easily gain access to them? If so, what security measures do you have in place to prevent any unauthorised persons from gaining entry to your files? Remember, Express Removals can offer a secure storage solution for confidential documentation such as these.

Archive storage considerations

What exactly do you do with built-up paperwork when you need to keep it for legal reasons, but you don’t actually need to look at it on a regular basis?

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Reduce risk

There are many effective steps you can take to handle your confidential documents and ensure that the risks of data breaches are minimised –

  • Identify who will be the most likely to create and use confidential information.
  • Ensure that they prioritise sensitive documents and arrange for electronic scanning of those documents.
  • Arrange for secure off-site confidential storage for the original paper copies.

In addition to storage, we also offer a document destruction service. So, while you are updating your processes and procedures for archiving and find you have a large volume of confidential information that is no longer needed, we can provide a personal and business secure document destruction service that is designed to meet your requirements.

Not only that, but it is also environmentally friendly too. We will:

  • Supply as many sacks as you require
  • Collect the sacks from you once filled at a time to suit yourself
  • Arrange for the safe shredding of the documents
  • Securely recycle the shredded paper

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