How To Have An Easier House Move With Kids

Moving home is always an overwhelming task. Throw children into the chaos of a move and it can very easily become a nightmare.

We’ve compiled a survival guide for the occasion. And may we wish you all the luck and patience!

Turn it into an adventure!

If you TELL children that they need to help with the move, then chances are they will stamp their feet and point-blank refuse. Turning a spin on the terminology can be a game-changer. ASK them where they think their bed could go in their new room, how they’d like to display their toys. Given them free reign of their new space can a) keep them quiet and b) save you a job. If it’s not perfect, don’t panic, these things can be tweaked over time and doesn’t need to be a moving day concern.

Take them with you to the viewings

Even if you have already done the original viewings and signed on the dotted line, you can still arrange a time to visit the house again, maybe if you need to take measurements. Take the children along with you. Let them become familiar with their new surroundings and feel an integral part of the experience. Also, let them see their new bedroom, maybe they can make some drawings or magazine cuttings/Pinterest boards of how they would like their new room to look.

Spend time in the local area

New parks, shops, restaurants can be an exciting way of showing the children what their new neighbourhood has that the old one doesn’t.

Get creative with the packing

Let them take ownership of their possessions and have some control over the situation. When the packing boxes come out, let them decorate theirs. A quiet day of painting, sticking and drawing can free up some time for you to pack some other bits and pieces.

When you arrive at the new home…

Unpack toys and their favourite belongings first. You might see the box with the kettle and tea bags as the most important, but to them, the toys are top priority. Moving is disorientating for all involved. Getting out their familiar and favourite toys will not only be a comfort, but can also help to keep them entertained while you crack on with the rest of the house.

Assign them tasks

Make the children feel involved in the move as well as making them feel just as important as the grown-ups. How about being DJ for the day, keeping the adults entertained with some top tunes? Looking after the family pet when you move or getting the toys all lined up on their bed. There will always be something they can do.

Sit down together for dinner

It may be just a takeaway on the first night, but a familiar daily routine occurrence such as dinner at the table is integral to making a house feel like a home.

Talking about food….. snacks!

The last thing you need to hear on move day is ‘I’m hungry. I want food. Where’re the crisps. I need a drink’

Hungry can turn into hangry within a matter of seconds with children. Be prepared and save your sanity with an endless supply of snacks for the little darlings. A supermarket dash is not what you want to be doing on moving day!

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