Do’s and Don’ts of a Summer Move

As we all know, most house moves do tend to be in the summer, this is definitely our busiest time of year! Summer is most convenient for movers due to the longer days, less chance of rain and children being off school. However, summer can also have its downsides for house moves, so with our years of experience in the moving business, we have some expert tips on how to make a summer move more comfortable….

Do start the move early in the day

When the day is at its coolest is when you need to be tackling your move. Starting earlier can also mean beating traffic. If an early start isn’t possible, then try to leave it to as late in the day as possible.

Don’t wear heavy fabrics and inappropriate clothing

No one will judge you on moving day for what you are wearing!! Be as comfortable and cool as possible. Lifting and moving heavy boxes cannot be done well if you’re in a jumper and thick joggers. And don’t forget the comfortable footwear too, no high heels for moving day!

Do open the windows

… in your new and old home – provided there is always someone there – we wouldn’t want a home burglary on the first day in your new home. For those lucky ones, if your new home has air conditioning then switch it on!! You and the moving company will thank you for it (yes, we will!!)

Don’t move during a bank holiday weekend

The traffic on the roads could be a nightmare and it could be harder for you to contact service and utility companies if needed.

Do keep electronics cool

Use extra caution when packing and moving electronics during the summer as unfortunately, it’s all too easy for these items to become overheated. From smartphones and laptops to TVs and appliances, electrical items do not typically fare well in hot conditions. Keep your items in the best condition during the move by packing them separately and keeping them in cool surroundings at all times where possible. Electronics should be the last items placed on the moving vehicle and the first items taken off.

Do bring a portable fan

Simple and inexpensive and most of the time can fit in a pocket, ready for a quick burst of cool air when you need it.

Don’t forget to put perishables in coolers

Moving close by? If you have the right packing supplies, there’s no need to throw out perishable food items. Instead of dumping the contents of your fridge into the bin, try putting them in cool boxes full of icepacks on the morning of your move. As long as the coolers are cold enough to keep things fresh, you should be able to salvage everything from milk and juices to veggies and fruits.

Do apply suntan lotion

You may not even consider this, but a house move can mean a considerable amount of time being outside. No one wants sunburn at the end of a long moving day!

Don’t forget water bottles for yourself and the movers (thank you!)

To avoid overheating, be sure to pack plenty of water bottles with you for the move. Even if you’re enlisting professional movers (that would be us, of course!), it’s always a good idea to keep water bottles on-hand at the old and new homes. Make sure to offer water to the movers and anyone else helping out with the move. Trust us – we will thank you for it!

Do expect to pay more

Moving in summer can be more costly – we didn’t want to hide this from you. This is simply down to supply and demand; we need more staff and more vehicles to meet the demands of the busier months of the year. Bear this in mind when planning a move throughout the summer.

Ready to move this summer?

Moving in the summer heat is much easier when you have professionals to help with the heavy lifting. Contact us for a quote and to book us in for your summer move.

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