march 16 blog 2

There is a property industry myth that most people move within 10 miles of their existing home. Analyst Stephen Hayter recently published an article in Property Industry Eye exploring this myth.

feb 16 blog 2

Not every move requires one of our large vans and a team of our expert removers.

Worries about the security of personal and confidential data have never been higher.  Whilst most concerns are about online data, it should not be forgotten that we deal with a wealth of hard copy information on a daily basis.

Businesses have been concerned with data protection in the form of secure shredding for many years but it is also available for personal use.

jan 16 blog 2

It is the ideal that everyone wants to achieve – a wholly paperless office. But what about the mountains of paper records you have already accumulated and which you are required to keep by law?

You may have read the tragic story recently of a young couple who had their entire house contents, including everything in their fridge, stolen by a bogus removal man.